WSOM Classes
The Wisdom of Science of Mind Classes


The Classes teach us how to live prosperously.  In actuality, it is how and what we think that keeps us in poverty.

In California many years ago, a test was done for the poor people, those on welfare and other reasons for being poor were given brand new homes in the Valley.  This took them out of the Projects where their homes and their neighborhoods homes were run down, old, and really looked very bad.

It was believed that if they were removed from this type of living, they would take care of their homes and would then live like the Middle Class.  None of that happened!  Within two years, these beautiful homes looked just like the Projects.

Dear ones, it is Consciousness that causes change.  When anyone learns that they are worthy, nothing, absolutely nothing can keep ANY PERSON from excelling!

However, changing the Conscious Mind is no easy task.  The subconscious is what has to be changed and it will resist, because it does not want any of us to make a mistake.  (Sounds funny doesn't it?)  However, it is TRUE.  It operates like a Jet Plane on automatic pilot.  We have a remedy and if you practice it everyday, in a few months your subconscious mind will help make the necessary changes.

Our Father gave us authority over our own life.  He does not interfere and neither does any of His Holy Angels and Holy Archangels.  In fact, if we fail to ASK for the changes we will not get the changes, Our Father DOES NOT, CAN NOT or WILL NOT interfere.  Jesus said to us, "Ask, and it shall be given you, seek and ye shall find, knock and the door will open unto you."  (Matthew 21:22 and John 16:24)

These Classes lead to one becoming a Science of Mind Practitioner of The Wisdom of Science of Mind.