Teaching the Inner Meaning of Proverbs:
· And the Cosmic Laws of the Universe


         Welcome to our course of study on The Proverbs.  We will cover the entire book and know also what you study here.  If the mind is open The Proverbs will enhance your life.
         Today we cover The Purpose, the objective and The How To.  Some of this may be far reaching, but if you continue things will become very clear.
         The Instruction actually begins with verse 8 and King Solomon says that the conscious mind gives instruction to the subconscious mind and sets in motion a pattern that will guide you either to happiness or to unhappiness.  In the Scriptures the males represent the conscious mind and the females represent the subconscious.  
Knowledge is the Beginning

Before we can begin anything, there is a certain amount of knowledge that we must have about the subject in which we engage ourselves.  Here we wish to gain greater knowledge about Proverbs.  

 Proverbs speaks to it on the level of our understanding or our need of interest.

Let us understand that the Scripture is a "Practical Guide to Living a Victorious Life" and it gives answers to all things in our life.

Much of the Scripture is hidden making it difficult to understand that it speaks to modern man as well as the people of yesteryear and to every act in our life today.  This is what Chapter One in Proverbs addresses--what we know is what we get.

Thus, it is important that we sow seeds of understanding so that our thinking will do justice to every subject.  We want to make sure that we make good judgments regarding the things we want to do and these judgments are made with equity (fairness).

If you will think about it, higher education is nothing more than an increase of knowledge of what you learned in the First Grade.  Each grade advances on what is taught in the first grade.

The math is an excellent example.  There are far more problems with subtraction than there are with addition.  The child has to learn how to take something that they have added away.

Working with thought is the same.  It is far more difficult to remove the negative than to affirm the positive.  So, the first grade is the foundation and if we do not understand the foundation, there will be problems in the second grade, the third and so forth until one reaches a level of confusion making it impossible to continue until the foundation is secured.

The Scriptures are the same.  All knowledge operates in this way.  The Proverbs are a wonderful foundation to living life gloriously and victoriously.  It is where we understand the virtues and why they are important.

Yet, there is never any Force to make any of us do what it says.  It is simply a guide and it is our choice to abide by it or however we so choose to accept it.

It is said that Jesus loved the Psalms and the Proverbs.  Can you understand why?  He wanted to make sure that only the good was planted in his mind, for he knew the difficulty of removing the negative.  He took a sure road to progress toward The Father.

Stay with us so that you may learn to live victoriously