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When The LORD said that it was not good for man to be alone, He was not talking about 2 men marrying or 2 women marrying.  He was speaking about ONE MAN TO ONE WOMAN--ONE WOMAN TO ONE MAN.  We obey The LORD.

Premarital Counseling

Our premarital counseling sessions now include a better understanding of money so your life together can give you the freedom you desire.

Money is the biggest factor in causing divorces.  We work to give you the best counseling possible for beginning a wonderful life together.

We require 3 sessions set at least 30 days apart and 3 months before the wedding date.

In other words, if your Wedding Date is June 8, 2019, you would need to begin  your premarital counseling by March 9, 2019.

How We See Marriage

A marriage is a mystical agreement (or attunement, contract, covenant) between two people, a man (who represents the conscious mind) and a woman (who represents the subconscious mind).  The body and the soul are united in spirit to live and work together on the Earth Plane in harmony that each soul may return to our Creator.  When this is understood, practiced and held firm in the heart, then the Holy Spirit awakens and the marriage is solidified (strengthened) in the Heavenly Realm with the presence of God's Holy Archangels.  The Holy Archangels were added to our Wedding Ceremony as of May 10, 2014.

Our Weddings Are Solemnized with Reverence, Beauty and Dignity

All Our Weddings and Premarital Counseling Are Performed By Both Ministers
(No extra fee)
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We Conduct Funerals and Memorial Services

We honor those who have chosen to make their transition from this Earth to the Fourth Dimension.  We can hold a funeral or if you so choose, a Memorial Service.  We will travel to the place of your choice.  We follow your wishes, feelings, and beliefs regarding funerals.  Life is eternal and the transition of this
family member is only a step along the great path, which stretches ahead of all
of us into eternity.

We have held funerals as far as New Jersey and Memorial Services in Salisbury, and Ridgefield, Connecticut.

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Ministers we Can Inspire Your Congregation While You Are Away on Vacation

We can speak for you at your church when you go on vacation.

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House Blessings

We do house blessings.  If you have just bought a home, let us bless it for you.

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Christenings – Babies

This is a rite in the recognition of the Loving Presence and the Infinite Power of the spirit in each baby’s soul.The seed of perfection and wholeness is implanted in every child at birth and awaits only for that child to receive the outpouring of Truth for the complete expression of Good in the life of that child.

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Baptisms, Children and Adults

It is good for every individual to dedicate their life to the care and keeping of God Intelligence knowing that guidance and direction will come from above and Divine Love will always keep each on the pathway of Eternal Happiness.

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Spiritual Counseling

We counsel those who come to us to seek a Quest for Success in every phase of life.  An individual is free to ask
questions that will clarify and bring understanding for success in life.

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