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First, let us say that prayers for the healing of others is very important.  Jesus said that we are to ASK, SEEK and FIND.  To us, that means we all are to ask or request prayers for others to pray for us.

When you fail to ask, it appears to the LORD that you are uncertain about whether you want a healing.  Therefore, it would be unwise to assume that The LORD knows that a prayer for you is desired.

However, if you are facing a challenge right now, we here at Universal Wisdom are here for you. We are here to enfold you in loving, faith-filled prayer. You have our commitment to serve you with sensitivity, compassion, and complete confidentiality. You may submit a prayer request online now or contact us by phone and we will pray with you.

In the meantime feel free to use this pray as a copy of how and what to pray for:

Loving Father, Almighty God, LORD Jesus Christ, Lover of my Soul, I know you are the only Power in the Universe.  I recognize You as my LORD.  I accept Your Divine Love and ask that You give me strength, courage, joy, peace and honor to live in Your World.  I love You with my whole heart, mind and soul.  I ask that You give me all the understanding that I need to become just LIKE YOU, LORD.  For this, I say thank You.  In Divine Peace and Divine Wisdom, I live.  I live.  I let this be and so it is.  Selah, Amen and Amen.

Submit your prayer request below if you want Global Healing Ministry to respond to you after 30 days.  Rest assured that your request is kept sacred and confidential. Every request sent to us receives loving, compassionate attention. Please know that we are here for you and that you are never alone, for Our Loving Father, Yeshua (better known as Jesus) and The Holy Spirit is always with you.

We respond within 24 hours and if your address is included, we mail you material to work with while prayer is made on your behalf.  If no address, we send material by email to you, but the prayer is to be requested.

In Divine Love and Delight,

Global Healing Ministries

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