We want to apologize to ALL those who attended our Sunday Services and our Science of Mind
Classes at World United Church (WUC) and at Universal Wisdom Fellowship, because both
Rev. Fred and I (Rev. Pat Ogletree) were teaching only part of what we should have been teaching.
We know that a lot of people (Christians) have been hurt by Religious teachings, but that was
NOT what we were trying to do.  It is our solemn pledge to teach only that which will bring spiritual growth to you.  We wanted you to know GOD, truly know Him, Love Him and be guided by Him.
The reason for the apology is that WE CAN NOT GET TO GOD UNLESS WE GO THROUGH JESUS CHRIST and it is important that you understand that.  This is Scripture (John 14:6).  We knew this, but we LOVED Science of Mind and its teachings, because that was the answer to our pray after being hurt by Religious teachings (church) ourselves.
Thus, in this beautiful teaching Jesus was NEVER mentioned in any of our teachings or messages on Sunday morning.  There ARE passages in the textbook about him, but we never taught anything about him or how precious he is.
Rev. Fred and I were directed by God through our prayers to come to Science of Mind, because we too had been hurt by the Religious teaching of many Ministers in Churches. 
We pray you will understand and continue worshiping Our God, The LORD Jesus Christ, the Holy Spirit and ALL Our Father’s Holy Archangels and His Holy Angels (Read our Blog on the reason for saying Holy before the Archangels and Angels).  This is important.
Let me (Rev. Pat) tell you of my experiences.  I know that I have lived many lifetimes on earth and have known Rev. Fred in many of those lifetimes.  I probably knew some of you also, but do not recall any of that.
Neither is any of that important.  
Just know to LOVE THE LORD is what is important.  Try to forget and release all the anger and
every thought that still brings unhappiness to you if any of that should arise in you. 
Just know that ALL things in life is a result of our thinking.  Jesus, Our LORD told us that whatever we are thinking, we are asking The Father to give that to us.  I know this sounds
untrue, but IT IS TRUTH.  Therefore, it is important that we think about only the things that we want to experience.