Please understand that anytime you call upon the ANGELS, be sure to say HOLY before their name, because we must remember that Lucifer has angels, too.
      When Lucifer was kicked out of Heaven, he took 1/3 of The LORD’s Angels with him.  Therefore, we can NO LONGER simply call upon the Angels unless we say “Holy Angels”.
      You might want to purchase an Angel Book that list many Angels so that you will know their names.
      If you do, as you look through the Dictionary of Angels, do it slowly so that the Holy Angel that will want to know you and journal with you will stop you and you will know the name of the one that will guide you many times.
      It would also be good to go to the Book Store in Milford or a Book Store near you wherever you live and purchase a beautiful Journal so that you can dialogue with him (the Holy Angel of you choice) on a daily basis.
        For years I have been dialoguing with the Holy Angels and you, too, can do the same if you so choose.
         This is a conversation that I had with the Angel Vetuel when on the morning of September 28, 2011 I dialogued at 9:30 A.M. while working on The Book: THE TRUTH OF YOU (copyright) and found myself saying the word, “Vethuiel” of which I though that was the spelling.

         When I looked in the book Angels A to Z, I found the spelling was “v-e-t-u-e-l".  This was the conversation I had with this Holy Angel.
Holy Vetuel, how can I know it is you?
Holy Vetuel:         
Open your heart and I will whisper to you what you need to know. 
I open my heart.  Tell me what you want me to tell the others about you. 
 Holy Vetuel:         
Tell them I am the Holy Angel that lives in the 1st  Heaven which is Earth.  I watch over the Earth, care for it along with other Holy Angels that you will learn what their names are later.  Our Father guides us to do His Will.  His Will is for all who desire peace be shown how to acquire it.  We are to lead them to peaceful places, peaceful things to see and hear. We are to lead them to areas that they can learn, be enlightened and to show them how to let the negatives go, how to let prejudice leave and how to praise rather than criticize.  Have you ever wondered how you arrive at the right place at the right time, meet the right teacher when you are ready?  We are the Angels that take care of that.  What we can't do is "make" you stay until you have gained all the knowledge you can. 
Neither can we encourage you to stay with the place and in the place where you will advance and become enlightened.  Most of the time those we guide become tired, contented with what they have gained and decide to go out on their own without being called or chosen by Our Father and as a result sadness is felt in the Kingdom.  It is up to each to know, seek and stay until The Father tells them what to do.  This time is critical when it happens.  **(a telephone call came through)  You may come back to me when you desire more.  But I never did until years later.
This is also what the Holy Vetuel said to me that morning:
Holy Vetuel: 
What many fail to understand that working for The Father is something that The Father and only The Father calls the one who is to work for Him.  There are many who want to be popular and think that they are to do what another is doing.  Tell them that The Father must call them and they will know when it is The LORD God, The Father Almighty who is calling them.  You are not ready right now to receive further information from me.  You are not over the transition of your sister and the words of your friend.  Come back when you hear me call you.