Good News

Why Do We Resist Change So Very Much?  We were created by a Power that gave us the same mind as He has and that power then showed us that our mind operates in three different ways, but is really only one mind.

Consciously — The conscious mind directs Subconsciously.

Subconsciously  The subconscious mind is the servant.

— The Mind of Our Father, the very Essence of Our Father operates in this manner.

Thus, we have all that is needed to do what we desire.  However, if we do not watch what we think consciously, then the great servant, the subconscious mind carries out our desires according to what we have told it to do in the beginning.

If we have taught ourselves to criticize because our self-image is not strong, then we find that our experiences are tainted by previous thoughts of ourselves.

Remember, we can never know another person.  We meet only ourselves through every thought we think.  What we believe about life, people, "a" God, or "a" Power is what we have learned from our parents, teachers and/or Religious Figures.

When we meet another please know that what we see in them is what we are actuality seeing in some part of our own selves or our own being.  Also, if we are changing the meaning of some word then we are to say what we mean by that word, i.e. change an old meaning of good to a new meaning of good.  In our classes we teach this.

It would be wise to study the Book of Titus in the Scriptures.  We know that many do not care for the Scriptures, but we ask, "Is it because we truly do not understand it or is it because the things that are there are in direct opposition to our thinking?"

Each one of us is here on this plane of existence not to make money, not to be famous, not to become a millionaire or even to give opinions about anything.  Our main purpose (and that includes every race of people) is to make our way back to Our Father.  That is our genuine purpose in Life even though we may refuse to believe this.

In so doing, everything listed as to what we are NOT to do and what we are to do involves our making our way back to Our Father, how we react to those things and where we place value upon them.  All are necessary, but secondary when it comes to our purpose in life, if we will allow ourselves to be bold.

Read our Newsletters in each month from April 9, 2009 to the present, as we address this further.

Just remember, Jesus, the Son of Our Father did not need a man to bring him forth into this world.  He needed only a woman and The Holy Spirit.  Remember that!  JUST A WOMAN AND THE HOLY SPIRIT!

Yet, he was lied about, criticized, brought before the rulers of that time, crucified in one of the worst ways, very low indeed, buried and never spoke evil about anyone who was doing this.  His words?  Let us save that for the remainder of all our Monthly Newsletters.