What We Can Know About God

  1. God is Life
  2. God is All-in-All
  3. God is Renunciation
  4. God is All there is
  5. God loves me
  6. God is the Prime Directive
  7. God is in all things
  8. God is peaceful
  9. God lives and moves in me
  10. God is Beingness
  11. God lives in me
  12. God breathes through every blade of grass
  13. There is nothing that God is not
  14. I am God’s child
  15. God thinks through me
  16. God is Faith
  17. God listens to me
  18. God hears me
  19. God lives in my heart
  20. The Real me is God
  21. God lives in everything
  22. God knows only love
  23. God knows only Truth
  24. God created everything
  25. God is alive
  26. I can see through the eyes of God
  27. I can hear through the ears of God
  28. I can feel through the heart of God
  29. I can think through the mind of God
  30. I can feel through the heart of God
  31. God guides me
  32. I can talk to God
  33. God sent His son Yeshua to me
  34. God wants me to obey Him
  35. God gave Commandments
  36. God gave Statutes
  37. God gave Ordinances
  38. God gave Precepts
  39. God gave His Love to all
  40. God chose me as His servant
  41. God chooses others to serve Him
  42. There is only One Power
  43. God is Perfect
  44. God created a Perfect Universe
  45. God is expanding the Universe
  46. God created the stars
  47. God created the moon
  48. God created the planets
  49. God created many Solar Systems
  50. God created the Milky Way
  51. God is Honorable
  52. God wants us to honor Him
  53. God wants us to pray to Him
  54. God wants to support us
  55. God wants to give us His gifts
  56. God has given each of us many talents
  57. God works through us day and night
  58. God is scientific
  59. God is mathematical
  60. God is dependable
  61. We can have confidence in God
  62. We can trust God
  63. God’s Holy Angels can take charge over our life
  64. God protects us
  65. God is Beauty
  66. God is Good
  67. God gave His Word in the Scriptures
  68. God’s love runs through every cell in our body
  69. God is youth
  70. God is changeless, yet He is forever changing
  71. God is the same yesterday, today and tomorrow
  72. God is forever the same
  73. God is powerful
  74. We can talk to God
  75. God talks to us
  76. God is everything that we need
  77. God is the Heavenly Father
  78. God created the heavens
  79. God turns to us as we turn to Him
  80. God answers prayer
  81. God reads our heart
  82. God knows us
  83. God knows everything
  84. God gives us health
  85. God gives us the power to get wealth
  86. God gives us choice
  87. God gives us authority over ourselves
  88. God gives us dominion
  89. God makes us caretakers of the earth
  90. God makes us managers of His money
  91. God gives us the power to think
  92. All that the Father is, we are
  93. God told us to be still
  94. God told us to know He is God
  95. We can meditate upon God
  96. God is LORD
  97. We are to worship God
  98. We can adore God
  99. We can bless God for His Goodness
  100. God is all there is