Donations and Offerings


All are free to donate, tithe or give an offering for prayers, but we will not initiate it or ask for money.  That must be something that you want to do and for you to take the time to initiate it yourself.  We want you to enjoy building your consciousness free from the thought that you must donate.

Jesus never asked for money and neither will we.  He simply taught.  Yet, he had all the money necessary to take care of his Ministry, his Disciples and their families.  Yet, this does not excuse any of us from donating. 

During the time of Jesus, tithing was used and it was a valid exercise, for NO ONE can expect to receive who chooses to keep that which belongs to Our Lord -- the tenth of the first fruits.

We can tell you money comes and it lasts when you do choose to give back to Our Father, for EVERYTHING belongs to Him.  It is wise to simply give and accept the wealth that God, Our Father gives us and bless ALL that we may receive the same.
We teach classes, but we teach here also in our Newsletter, "The Source Within." Jesus is our Example in every way.   We will try to continue the Newsletter, "The Source Within."  as soon as possible.

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