I want you to know that there is NOTHING that Our Father in Heaven,
The LORD Jesus Christ
cannot do.  Take a look at how cancer was
once incurable, but many forms of cancer can and has now been cured.
For the most part most people who do have
cancer are healed, because Our Father
heals them and they have the FAITH that He will.
         Now we must
work on healing people with Kidney problems. 
I believe that the Kidneys can renew themselves IF we engage in healing
foods and have trust in Our Father, The LORD Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit.
         For one thing Jesus told us when he walked the Earth that he heals you.
It is only our DISBELIEF that gets in the way
of our healing process AND the greediness of the Pharmaceutical Companies,
Doctors, Nurses, Technicians and all others involved in
Kidney health that wants to keep this thing going. 
There is money in medicine and sickness and we as citizens
of this Earth must begin to fight against this. 

         We need
steps to follow and if you go to this Website you may be able to follow the
suggestions given
read our Website and follow the suggestions there.
         Wellness takes a positive attitude.  Most of all,
we have to leave complaints behind and speak with a positive attitude.  
+ + + + + + + + 
         There is no way for anyone to take the power of another
because they feel less powerful.  Lucifer
could not do it and neither can anyone else do it.  God is THE POWER in this Universe!
         The only way to improve is to change your feeling
nature.  Begin to feel like The LORD
Jesus Christ.
         Then Think differently!
Think like The LORD!  That is the
ONLY thing that can change you!
         Gifts that have been given to another person CANNOT be
taken from that person because you may want them.
         Surrender yourself to God the Creator and when you are
ready HE will help you make the change.
         As long as you insist on being JEALOUS or ENVIOUS you will
remain the same and sometimes even worse!
Give it up!  Let go!  Lucifer thought because he was praised for
doing a good job he could become God! And he was an archangel created by
GOD!  It didn’t work for him so what
makes you think it will work for you?
         What he is doing now is trying to get you to think like him
– to join him so you will be kicked out of Heaven the same way he was kicked
out of Heaven!  Is that what you
want—really want?
         You (all of us) have dominion over ourselves.  God—our Creator gave each of us that
power.  He (GOD)—or any of His Holy
Angels or Holy Archangels cannot interfere with what we desire for ourselves!
         How does this power work?
Whatever each of us thinks is a prayer. In other words, we are
constantly praying, because we are constantly thinking! Thus, we are constantly
asking Our God for how we want our life to be!
This works through The LORD Jesus Christ, because that is the only way
we can get to Our Father.
         In Science of Mind, we learned: Change your thinking,
Change your life!  In other words
if we change what we are thinking we change the way life is for us!
         However, that is NOT always easy.  Rev. Fred and I were in Science of Mind for
20 plus years, but we both are still working to get Science of Mind to be IN
us!  In the second year of our
Ministerial Studies, we were given a Doctorate Degree, because of the great use
we were doing in our studies.
         Please understand that how the mind works is so, so
important.  However, changing the mind
from what the world thinks is difficult and even this statement MUST CHANGE if
we want our mind changed.  We have to
begin saying that it is easy because The LORD IS WITH US always.
         We must give our mind, our soul, our thoughts even our very
being to The LORD Jesus Christ and allow Him to live through us, in us and to
be us!
         We must be very, very careful from whom we get information
about where we get what we want to know about our evolution—how we have evolved in
this world!
         Just a few days ago, (Tuesday, August 4, 2020) there was a
tornado with very strong winds that ripped through Connecticut and other states
also.  I spent much time praying to The
LORD to protect our area.  For the most
part we were protected.  A few trees were
downed, and the lights were out for a while, but some areas still do not have
power.  I tried to explain to a gentleman
that if we ask The LORD to protect the area, that He would—that we did not have
to have a “storm”.  This man told me fanatically
that it was “MOTHER NATURE” that would be causing the storm and there was
nothing that we could do about it.  I could
not get him to understand that this is GOD’S Universe and that GOD IS MOTHER
NATURE!  I suppose he never heard about
* * * * * * * * 
There is one thing that we are to remember and understand and that is God, our CREATOR, never repeats anything.  By that I mean when we are directed to do something, what worked the first time will NOT work the second time.
 You may not believe this, but it is true!  Think about it.  With all the millions of people on Earth, twins, triplets or quadruplets, they may look similar, but are NOT ALIKE!!  AND THERE ARE NO TWO PEOPLE THAT ARE JUST ALIKE!!  AND when the Israelites needed water Moses was told to strike the rock and when he did water poured out, but when they needed water again, Moses was told to speak to the rock.  Moses disobeyed and struck the rock, but nothing happened.

         I believe that every person, male or female, meets GOD before they are born.  This would give each person the opportunity to say what they would like their life to be.  Thus, no one can say that they were born poor, sad, less capable, or plain outright “dumb”.         
      If the boy or girl do not tell God what kind of life he or she would like to live, then I believe that God looks at the lifetimes that he or she has lived before and gets whatever information that is available and then it is “loaded” into that individual and life for that child begins.
       Do you have any idea how many times in life we are asked, “What do you want?” and we do not answer?  Well, I believe that God asked us the same question just before we were born.  I believe it would be very, very wise for each of us to sit down with God and take a look at our life and write down JUST WHAT WE WOULD LIKE LIFE TO BE FOR US.  I BELIEVE GOD MEETS EVERY PERSON WHO IS ABOUT TO BE BORN.  Never mind what someone else has.  That is NOT important!  It is most important to know just what we would like to have, what we would like to be and how we would like to live in this life now.

       If this were done, it would wipe jealousy out of everyone’s mind who lives with jealousy.  It would also take away the enemy’s chance to pour his desires into those who are jealous of someone.  Why not try that today?
Begin immediately and see what happens in your mind, for your day and in your life.
* * * * * * * * *
The Name of Jesus Christ
 I am studying a writing about the name of Jesus Christ that I printed on January 30, 2012 called The Name of Jesus Christ.  I am unable to get the original writing again, but I want to let you know that I am studying this now and it would be very good if you would also study this yourself.
The Aramaic name for Jesus is "Ea-shoa" M’shee-khah.  I am so very disappointed with my country that they are allowing atheist to remove everything that has a reference to Jesus or God from everything that the original ones who set up this country referenced!
In the U.S. the words Under God has been removed from the Pledge of Allegiance and no reference to God or Jesus can be taught at any time in our school system.  It makes me wonder, under which of the Hells are these people who did this are residing now  since they are no longer with us on Earth?
What if this COVID-19 is The LORD Jesus Christ trying to tell us that we have taken His Father out of everything that the Colonial Persons He chose to set up the United States?  We, of course, know that Satan is behind all of this, but WE DO NOT HAVE TO CHOOSE TO OBEY SATAN!!
It is unfortunate that so many of us do NOT have Faith or the Belief that there is a Heavenly GOD who created this entire EARTH.  It would be also good if you would get the small booklet entitled “The Book of THE SECRETS OF ENOCH” by R. H. Charles, M.A., Trinity College, Dublin, and Exeter College, Oxford.  This little book of 93 pages is fantastic!!  If you do purchase it, you will learn about ALL THE HEAVENS and what Hell is like and who Hell is created for, which is a place YOU WILL NEVER WANT TO GO!
I believe this little book will help you to want to be MORE CHRIST-LIKE, to learn to forgive and to learn to love everybody just the way The LORD does. This is what UNIVERSAL WISDOM FELLOWSHIP is trying to teach.  I know when we had our church, we did NOT teach about The LORD Jesus Christ, because Science of Mind does NOT teach about Him and we were still part of Science of Mind when we were World United Church.
There are teachings in the back of the Science of Mind textbook, but they were NOT taught in any of our classes.
More about this next month!
* * * * * * * * * 
         Do you know that when someone asks you, “How are you?” that it is a sin to answer “GOOD!”  When Jesus, our LORD was teaching, a rich young man ran up to Him and said to Him, “Good Master what can I do to inherit eternal life” and Jesus immediately answered, “Why callest thou me good?” (Mark 10:8 and Luke 18:19) no one is GOOD but the Father!

         I hear this all the time since being in Connecticut and it tells me that the people who say this evidently do not read or understand the Scriptures.  I don’t know what their answer should be, but I do respond by saying that ONLY THE FATHER IS GOOD.

         One person said to me that I could NOT tell her how she felt!  This was surprising to me, because she talked about her church life, but I  simply decided to print out the answer that Jesus gave to that Disciple telling her where it was in the Bible.  Now, I get often, “I feel fine, healthy, well or something else” as an answer.

         I pray that YOU will seek out the answer to this question that The LORD Jesus said to His Disciple in several different Bibles the answer to this so that you will GROW subconsciously.
* * * * * * * * * 
       It never occurred to me that FEAR would be given the title to fight in this COVID 19 dis-ease until I looked at some of the pictures that were on the Internet.  Thus, the LORD gave me this idea to write about NOT FIGHTING FEAR, but LETTING FEAR GO!
         Please understand that if we fight something, we are admitting to ourselves that it has power!  This problem HAS NO POWER!!  Let us simply LET IT GO and instill faith and belief in its place that The LORD heals!  Let us know that The LORD is the One that has POWER and we can release everything that is unlike The LORD and know that He loves us and gives us healing.  He also keeps us safe and HEALTHY.
           Do you have any idea about what health feels like or looks like?  Yes, I said LOOKS, because it is important that we SEE ourselves healthy, happy, feeling good and see ourselves in the image of The LORD.  After all, God, His Father created each and every one of us, thus we look like Him, feel like Him and must see ourselves LIKE HIM.  Do you think God, our Creator is sick?  Do you think HE FEELS SICK?  Do you think sickness is in any way attached to Him?  Heaven forbid!!
             Have you ever thought about talking with The LORD by writing to Him daily?  That is something I have done since  about 1993.  I bought beautiful Journals from Barnes and Noble and simply wrote to Yeshua (His Hebrew name) and sometimes it was Eashoa  (the Aramaic name for Jesus) Eashoa’ M’sheekha, the full name.  It only came to me this year 2020 to read what The LORD had said to me all those years and the questions I had asked Him and His answers.  It was wonderful!  You may want to try it.  I would, however, suggest that you try it in your handwriting and NOT on your computer as there are SO MANY SCAMMERS, that it would NOT be good for them to know what you are saying to The LORD.  Besides, some of what is there could be used to write a book and your  wonderful answers could be used by someone whom The LORD probably would NOT KNOW.  Give it some serious thought!