It is important for us to address Our Father's Angels as Holy Angels, because we have to understand that Lucifer also has angels.  If we forget and simply say angels, we may be bringing his angels into our life instead of Our Father's Holy Angels.
I know that this may sound strange, but we must remember that Lucifer was once and archangel in Our Father's group.  He of course wants to be looked upon as being greater than God.  Think about this and you will understand that it is simple and yet very profound.
Just refer to Our Father's angels as Holy Angels and Holy Archangels.  I know that you probably have never heard this before, but wisdom sometimes is slow to come to us.  Embrace it when it does and love The LORD God by addressing His Angels as Holy Angels if you ever need their help.
 *  *  *  *  *  *  *
May I tell you something?  I want you to know that life for me has been an upheaval in more ways than one.
I will explain what has happened to me and how Our Father, The LORD Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit has been with me guiding me every step of the way.

 I know that you think Ministers do NOT have tribulations, but that is NOT true.  In this world, we ALL have problems--that is Scripture. 
If we do NOT OBEY The LORD then we can expect to have problems.  When we fail to obey it is because we think that our way is better than what The LORD is asking us to do.
 It is better to listen and follow instructions, than trying to put things off until we FEEL we can do as we have been directed.  God knows more than we do.  He loves us dearly and as one TV Minister puts it, He likes us more than we will ever know.
I have been scammed several times--my computer and my bank account.  I want to tell you that it would be wonderful if you would request from the Federal Trade Commission their Phone Scam booklet and their TAKING CHARGE booklet--What to do if your identity is stolen.  There is important information in these to booklets.
The next thing to do is to call them and report the ones that have scammed you or stolen your identity or harmed you in some way.  That is important to do.  If more of us reported these scammers, perhaps it would discourage them or at least maybe they would think twice before trying to harm another.  The ftc may end up putting them out of business.
 Let Us Look at the Prayer
Jesus Taught the Twelve
The Prayer that Jesus taught the Twelve is MIGHTY.  When one of the Twelve said to him, “Master, we know how to heal, but how do we pray?”  Jesus said to him, “Like this.”


   ·   “Our Father” meaning that there is only ONE FATHER, and we are to         address Him in that manner.  We do not call any other man on Earth as         “Father,” for there is no other Father.


   ·   Who art in Heaven.

What are we to do?  

   ·   We hallow His Name.  Hallow metaphysically means that we are to realize         that the name of God means He is PERFECT and WHOLE.

For what reason? 

   ·   Because we want to know the reason we would want to believe WHO this       God IS?
Does this Father live here on Earth?
Then what do we want?

   ·   We want His Kingdom to come and we want His WILL to be done on Earth         the same way it is done in Heaven. 

What do we want this Heavenly Father to do for us?

   ·   We want Him to give us each day bread daily.  Metaphysically, bread means         spiritual bread, universal sustenance for spirit, mind and body.   Also, the         inner substance to be spirit (which is bread) to be stirred into action and the         descent into action God’s ideas, which feeds us with ideas of TRUTH and         vitality to come into mind in a higher state of consciousness.  This             requires us to know much about this Heavenly Father.

Is there anything else we want from this Heavenly Father?

   ·  Yes.  The Master included this, because he knew that it took time for his       Twelve to realize that in this Universal life of the Father that there is NO such       thing as lack in the Universe.  Therefore in Spirit and in TRUTH there is NO          DEBT.  It was in this prayer that he wanted to teach that when we erase       thought from our consciousness, we will erase those thoughts so that       everything can be overcome and thus paid in full.  (What a MIGHTY       PRAYER!)



So, what happens to the debtors that we feel we owe?  Did you hear or listen to what he said?
   ·   The Master added that we are to FORGIVE them.  This would give us the
        idea to use Divine love that he had taught previously, along with justice,         peace and forgiveness.  If we do this, then the debt is paid and we are               forgiven.

Is there anything further?

   ·   Yes.  Jesus knew the thoughts and the minds of the Twelve.  He walked with        them for three years.  He knew that those Twelve were no different from        other people therefore they could be tempted IF they failed to let go of the        idea of debt.  Thus, he added, that we are not to be tempted to go back to old        beliefs and we would need to be delivered from anything touching evil ideas.


      · Because he wanted them to remember that this Heavenly Father comes         from a Mighty Kingdom, which is powerful and glorious and that Kingdom
        will last forever and ever.  He ended this prayer with AMEN.  Amen means I         let it be and SO IT IS.

You can find this prayer in Matthew 6:9-13.  Remember, different Bibles state it
differently.  GOD BLESS!!
Zip It Up

I know that this is a jazzy title,
but I know too that Our LORD loves to laugh.  
From this topic, I pray everyone will understand
that I mean nothing terrible about this title,
but I got the idea that all of us speak so negatively today,
that it would be wonderful if we would simply stop
talking and start saying only
affirmative words to ourselves and to others
when we talk with them.
Are you feeling sickness?
Then say to yourself what you want to invite
God the LORD into your life to do for you. 
It would be good to say, “I am healthy. 
I am healed.  God has saved my
life.  He brought me through the problems
I was having.”  
Refuse to have belief in the negative.
Speak the TRUTH.
In other words, Zit It Up and say continually
what you want God, The LORD to bring to you.
These are just a FEW promises the LORD God
has assured all of us.  You can read them
in the Scriptures:

Rest—Matthew 11:28-29
Supply our every need—Philippians 4:19
Salvation—IF we declare Jesus is LORD and God raised
Him from the dead Romans 10:9
Eternal Life—Romans 6:23
Strength—I Corinthians 10:13
An abundant LIFE—John 10:10
Cleanse us from unrighteousness—I John 1:9
When researching this, I learned that someone
added up ALL the promises of God,
which have come to 5,467.  
If you want Our Father to bless us,
don’t you think we could at least honor
Him and read the Scriptures?


I have wondered here lately, where Is TRUTH hiding.  We have taught it here on the East Coast for years now.  However, it appears that it
is hiding from those we have taught.
Come out from behind The LORD Now and show yourself.We, The Reverend Dr. Fred E. Ogletree and
Reverend Dr. Patricia A. Ogletree ask that you come out now.
Show your beautiful Self now, showing all
YOUR LOVING FATHER SELFHOOD, all for us now.  We want to see you.
We know you must be hiding somewhere for the LORD Jesus
(Yeshua) told us you were there.

He goes to see you often.  He goes to make sure
he is telling what TRUTH is saying to him is
what You want him to say.

We know he
speaks truthfully.
Yes, children, born
of The Father, of me in December (25th
day of your months), but different in my month.

I am that child, fully grown.  I am the Christ of him now.
Be unafraid.I am safe to be around.

I am a dear friend and His Son truthfully of the
one daily Father that you pray to and
I go to for truthfully that I go to, because He is my Father.

Remember, I called Him One.
I told you NO ONE comes unto The Father except through me.
I do not hide Him.  You just are unable to see him
and me with your physical eyes.

When the Romans hung me on the cross,
that removed my physical body from your
physical presence from and physical body,
but he and you can still hear MY FATHER
 and HE still hears you when you answer.

Always know that.

* * * * * * * *

JUNE 8, 2017

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Do Not Be Foolish

God will bring His blessed
people back where He will give
certain activities so that He
can begin these activities.  He will
want to know many answers to His questions. One question will be,
What  do we think about
the Jewish people and Israel?

You will be wise to learn to love
and bless the Jewish people.

Jehosophat,  metaphysically means
the development, in consciousness,
of the divine idea of judgment.
Once we harmonize our thoughts with
the thoughts of the Divine we are
 on the right track IF we maintain
 a perpetually good
thought by judging good
correctly.  In other
words, our kingdom is to abide
in good thoughts always IF we want
to be  considered wise. Thus, we are to let go of ALL unwise thoughts. 
We will all be wise if we learn to practice
loving the Divine Land of Israel
and bless the Jewish people.

Jehoshaphat is the beginning of Nations thinking in this manner.

On December 23,1993,
something happened.  The only
Ally for Israel was the United
States until June 23, 2016.

Read Zechariah
2:6-13 and 12:1-3. Zechariah,
metaphysically means Spiritual consciousness (Jehovah
has penetrated our memory)

The apple of an eye is the
pupil of our eye. That is
the center of our vision.
When God says East,
He is saying the East of Jerusalem
 and when He says the West,
He is saying the West of Israel
and when He says the North,
He is saying the North of Israel
and when He says the South,
He is saying the South of Israel.
He says Israel is His Land!

We know this year is
the Jubilee year.  Read Zechariah
Half of the city of Israel will
go into exile, IF you understand prophesy.

That is one reason we need to
read the Scripture.  What we do not understand, we can ASK Our
Father to explain
clearly, gently and pleasantly to us.
Enjoy every moment in LIFE.

* * * * * * * *

May 18, 2017
6:19 PM


Guard Your Heart

We believe that this is the
most important verse in the Scriptures that we want to remember.  In fact, we are
recommending that Proverbs and the Psalms would be wonderful for our members and
friends of Universal Wisdom Fellowship begin reading the Scriptures and the
Proverbs and Psalms would be a glorious place to begin.
That is, if you want to live a
life that will take you to living a life that will guarantee you one that
brings you to Our LORD God Almighty.
Yeshua (better known as Jesus) loved the Proverbs and the Psalms.  Reverend Dr. Patricia Ogletree has read all
of Psalms and all the Proverbs.  Now it
is time to impart this knowledge to all our members and friends in
understanding these two books.
That means, we will seek to
clarify what the author of Proverbs, (King
Solomon—Chapters 1 to 31) was saying.  We are to watch what goes in our heart, because what we say will at some
point come out of our mouth, which is what is in our heart.
How difficult is this?  It is very difficult, because we speak
without thinking on many occasions.  Therefore, until we learn how to think before speaking this is what will

1.  We burst out the
first thing that is on our mind.
a.  How can we change

i.  Simply pause for a minute in silence and allow the
mind to bring to the forefront that which you would really like to experience.

ii.  It would be wise to write down the things that you want
to experience so that you are not interfering with the process.

iii.  Give thanks for whatever comes to mind. The more you practice this the easier it will


* * * * * * * *

When We Ignore Life

When we have studied, and studied and
studied, we figure there is
nothing more to learn, but Our Father
says differently.  So, what do we do?
Our life may become one that is in turmoil and we wonder how
did we get into this wonderment of living?  Our Father simply guides us and there is nothing
to do except to listen and
to obey.  This kind of living finds us in
the same predicament that Joseph found himself in.  (Joseph was thrown in a
well by his brothers.) 
However, we
do not have to allow
this kind of living to the point of
believing this is what Our Father
wants for us.
We can still be in control and simply ask, “Father, how did
I get here and what am I to do?”

If we are quiet, we will listen
to that Still, Small Voice. 
I know this is not what you might
want to hear, but maybe it is time
 for ALL of us to listen.
I realized I had to listen to the
guidance I had been
getting for weeks.  I had become
conscious that I heard a voice that
was saying to me, "Ask your
husband to take you to the
Emergency so that you can see what is happening
INSIDE your body."
I think my husband was waiting to hear
this, because not a second was
lost before I was in the car headed toward
the Hospital.  When we got there,
the next thing I saw were 3 doctors,
2 Nurses, many machines taking
vitals and the doctors asking, “Where
is the blood?  Where has it gone?”
They were energetically
working to keep me alive and they
succeeded.  The question is,
“Will I listen from now on?”

* * * * * *

To Live Is to Give

This is a part of living that we seem to misunderstand, for
it is very prevalent that if we want to live a successful life we are to learn to give.

Let us understand, IF
 TO Our Father, then to partake of any of it, we
are to give
back to Our Father.

I remember when we had Edwene Gaines come and
workshops on Prosperity at World United Church
 (befofe we closed it)
that she said,
“God will always
get his 10%.”  I thought (at the time)
that this was cruel, but when we began teaching
“Handling Money God’s Way,”
realized that this was quite true.
The commandment is this: Give back 10% of everything
that comes to us before we spend one dime
and we will receive
10 fold, 100 fold

or that for which we are worthy.

The key
is to give lovingly.  There is no way to
stop receiving except through a limited consciousness.

We are always trying to prove God lies,
Jesus lies and the
Ministers tell lies.

I know that most people think that it is the
Ministers who
receive when tithes, giving
or contributions are received in a church, but that

is NOT always true.

What Ministers do or
teachers do can
never really be paid to the fullest.

I can recall how some were astonished when they
that we had to pay the Hotels for the time we
were there on a Sunday morning.

For some crazy reason, there are those who think
churches do not have to pay bills.  They
think that the Ministers sit back and God simply
pays for everything.

Many wonder why the Jewish people prosper
so much.  Well, the reason is this:
They give God 10%,
20% and some even give
40% of their earnings! 
They use Divine Wisdom!!!

We, as a people, become so jealous that we lose
out when we
could really receive.  Of course,
know it takes time for us to establish who and what we really are.  Therefore, it takes about 16 weeks for God
believe that we are worthy of what we are doing.

We, of course, want instant gratification!
Therefore, we lose and are defeated, because we fail

to understand our time is NOT God’s time.
 One day, we
will understand.  I pray the
understanding comes before we meet God
and His Holy Angels. 
For then, it will be too late.

Learn to Please The LORD
The I that many are going to be upset
with me about this, but The LORD
has been on me about telling you
this for weeks now.

He wants me to tell you that He is
NOT pleased with what His children
are doing with His animals.

I must tell you that I too cringe every time
I see on the TV how dogs lick people
In the mouth. I know that Our Father
also does NOT like this. This is
NOT the way He wants us to take
Care of His animals. Also this may
be the way the animals are getting
sick with human diseases.

They were created to roam the wild for
their food. While they roam, they
are getting exercise which keeps them
healthy. We have birds in cages,
fish in tanks, dogs and cats sleeping
in our bed with us at night.
What are we really thinking?
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I know that many are going to be upset with me about this, but The LORD has been on me about telling you this for weeks now. He is NOT pleased with what His children are doing with His animals.

I must tell you that I cringe every time I see on the TV how dogs lick people in the mouth. I know that Our Father also does NOT like this. This is NOT the way He wants us to take care of His animals. This may also be the way the animals are getting sick with human diseases.

They have been created to roam the wild for their food and for the exercise that they get while running.

We have birds in cages, fish in tanks, dogs sleeping and cats sleeping in our bed with us. What are we really thinking?
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