What to Tell My Father’s Children


Me:         Good Morning Yeshua, are you with me this beautiful Sunday morning?


Yeshua:      Yes, I am here with you.  Come to me.


Me:   I am here.  Here I am.  What do you want of me My Lord?


Yeshua:        I want your full soul Patricia.


Me:   But My Lord Jesus, Yeshua, Eashoa Msheekha, you have that.  Is this You Yeshua speaking with me?


Yeshua:      Yes, it is I.  I am My Father’s only Son, birthed by Mary to My Father by the Holy Spirit.  None other has been born this way.


Me:   I am hearing something inside of me that says, “When you come to The Father, The Spirit of My Father brings them.  The Spirit touches the heart and thus, you too are born again to Him by the Holy Spirit.  The first birth is earthly and the second birth is spiritual, born of The Father.  You are His child.”


Yeshua:      Yes, my first birth was and always will be spiritual, born of My Father.


Me:   These prepositions confuse me.  We partner “to” The Father, born “of” the Spirit, these confuse me.


Yeshua:      There is nothing to be confused about.  If you listen to me, you will understand, for it is very simple.


Me:   Yes, and the simplicity is what confuses me, for we are taught certain things about the prepositions and then there appears to be an Inner meaning to all of this.


Yeshua:      And there is, my beloved one. There is!  Nothing is ever given to you with the Inner showing perfectly.  We must know that each of you is sincere.  Otherwise, this entire Universe could disappear.  You seem to forget this is a “thought” world, a “thought” Universe, but it is My Father who “thought up” the whole thing!


Written on September 16, 2012



Father:      You are My Beloved Servant.  I want you to know that whenever you need either of Us, simply look up.  When you are tired, simply look up.  When there are those who appear to harm you and want to hurt you, simply look up.  Tell My Children this.  Tell them also that I am with them always.  Tell them that when they do not know exactly what to do at any given moment to simply look up and they will feel Me.  I am with them too. 


Written on October 15, 2012




In April of 2004 in my Science of Mind, Heart and Spirit 1 Class, I had one student out of 7 students attending that day ask as question.  The question came up of Jesus’ marriage to Mary Magdalene.  I immediately dismissed the question and stated that Jesus was an Essene and was not permitted to get married, because this was part of their rules.


The student refused to accept the answer I gave, so I stated that I would ask Jesus myself.  When I opened to Journal the following morning earlier than my usual journaling time, I was directed to read my notes.  Shortly after hearing that message, I heard a voice to converse with Jesus right away.  This is what he told me.



It is difficult for man to understand the ways of God when they are not receptive to His ways. I never married for that would have sealed my ways to one person and made it difficult to do and be about my Father’s Business.


Mary Magdalene was my mother’s sister (not sure if he said Martha’s sister and I heard my mother’s sister).  I could not have married her.  She was most attentive to me.  She wanted me to succeed and saw that I needed to have the attention given to the body and she took care of that.


There are those who wanted me married so that it would appear I knew what I was talking about.  Mary Magdalene finally understood that God took care of my body, for the Soul and the Body are one.  There can be no separation when you become One with The Father.


Your body becomes translucent but looks solid to those who do not understand.  That is why when I arose, I could not have her touch me.  My Soul Consciousness was completed and my body was not solid.  It would have dissolved her but frightened her first.  She was needed, for it was her part to tell the others.  She could believe while the others still had doubt about life and death.  Even though they had understood the Power and could raise the dead, it was when I was around.


Peter finally was receptive of the Power and learned to do it after I left.  That was the only way to pass the Power to others.  I am as alive today as I was for the Disciples.


People today, still don’t understand.  Marriage was not part of my mission.  Mary Magdalene was close to me because she had great receptive ability.  She was learning.


When I went through the initiations, I had to go through being tempted and Mary Magdalene was that temptation.  I passed and she was grateful.


If I had not passed, there would have been NO CHRIST.


I trust you understand that this in no way came from me, but THROUGH me.  There is only one way that I could have written this and it is that Jesus was speaking THROUGH me, because I asked the question.


From an early age, God has been in my life.  Before the School of Ministry, I wrote God letters.  I still have some of those letters.  In the School of Ministry, we all were taught to Journal.  I took that teaching seriously.  You can do the same.  It is never too late to become intimate with Our Father.


In Divine Love and Delight,

Rev. Pat

* * * * * * * * * * * 
Learn to Please The LORD
The I that many are going to be upset
with me about this, but The LORD
 has been on me about telling you
 this for weeks now.
He wants me to tell you that He is
NOT pleased with what His children
are doing with His animals.
I must tell you that I too cringe every time
 I see on the TV how dogs lick people
In the mouth. I know that Our Father
also does NOT like this. This is
NOT the way He wants us to take
Care of His animals. Also this may
be the way the animals are getting
sick with human diseases.
They were created to roam the wild for
their food. While they roam, they
are getting exercise which keeps them
healthy. We have birds in cages,
fish in tanks, dogs and cats sleeping
in our bed with us at night.
What are we really thinking?


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